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The margin of risk is very less with an optimized back-office operations services. It gives an opportunity to focus more on the core of a business while you do not have to put in time, resources and infrastructure for back-office support with a professional service provider. A few of our major services;



Volume forecast is a way of predicting volume in order to predict future resource requirements. This data enables managing the work flow to build accurate forecasts for the anticipated workload, and to calculate the staffing required to meet that workload. We do forecasting methodologies to analyze the historical data for trend analysis. This will result in plan the resource requirements to churn the numbers within the stipulated Level of Service without affecting the quality benchmarks. We do forecasts;

  • Volume forecast
  • Headcount forecast
  • Production forecast
Business Forcasting Outsourcing


A strategic plan is essential for the smooth funcioning of any organization as it works to realize the corporate goal.This is prime important to focus the customer market,sales,revenue returns, infrastructure requirements,staffing solutions etc.Our Expert in Operations Segment will plan your day-to-day schedules in achieving it.

    • Resource Allocation
    • Workflow Allocation
    • Infrastructure Planning
    • Training/Cross Training
    • BPI(Business Improvement Plans)
    • Utilisation/Cross Utilization
    • Production Planning
    • Shift Rosters
    • LOS/SLA
Business Planning Outsourcing


Reports shows where your business stands and where you focus more in climbing the next ladder. We prepare dashboards showing the matrices and KPIs to track and monitor the resources and optimize the performances. Dashboard comprises of;

    • Volume Receipt(Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Half Yearly and Annually)
    • Capacity Planner(Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Half Yearly and Annually)
    • Utilization(Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Half Yearly and Annually)
    • Efficiency(Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Half Yearly and Annually)
    • Prodcution(Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Half Yearly and Annually)
    • Quality (Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Half Yearly and Annually)
    • Training(Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Half Yearly and Annually)
    • SLA(Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Half Yearly and Annually)
    • CSAT(Monthly/Half Yearly and Annually)
    • Attrition(Monthly/YTD/Annulized)
Business Reports Outsourcing


An effective activity monitoring mechanism helps in increasing the efficiency and utilization of your resources as well as the customer satisfaction ratio.

    • (RTM) Real Time Monitoring
    • (AOL) Activity On-Line
    • Remote Access Reports
Business Activity Monitoring


Performance improvement plan is a programme analyse where an employee is falling short and what he/she can do to improve. Using PIPs promotes a sense of accountability. Employees know that they must meet expectations or face disciplinary action. In other words, PIPs help workers feel valued in the company, as they know their employer will support them to reach their long-term career goals.

    • Effective feedback mechanisms
    • Evaluation of training requirements
    • Cross Training / Utilization Requirements
Business  performance improvement plan


EWS System —EWS (Early Warning System for HR) system is to determine the future threats and take inputs from the current Performance Management Sysytem and Managers to determine if any action is required. Create a grid and identify — HP-HR (High Performance — High Risk), HP-MR (High Performance — Medium Risk), HP-LR (High Performance — Low Risk) and take actions appropriately. The indicators are:

  • Behaviour Analysis
  • Absence/Lateness
  • Lack of interest/motivation
  • Disengaged, Attitude
  • Work Quality
  • Attrition Risk
  • Criticality to Business/BU, Role Vs Employee
  • Rejections in IJPs
 Early Warning System (EWS)/ RAG Analysis

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