The relationship between the guest and the host, or practice of being hospitable is called hospitality. It is not limited to hotels, restaurants, or any company belonging to the sector. Even in your homes, you can be hospitable. Different cultures and backgrounds have different concepts for hospitality. Hospitality can be simply providing a place to stay or any such act of kindness. It is about having the right attitude, empathy, and passion to go the extra mile and beyond what is required to give the best service to your guest. It is about making guests feel special. It can be big or small, but the result is always to give a great experience to the guest.

We being in charge

  • Our team has very high levels of customer service and good communication skills.
  • Our team is always in search of new marketing strategies and trends, to increase the business.
  • We keep our customers updated with latest promotions and customer loyalty programs.
  • Our team learns our customer’s products thoroughly. This enables us to reply all our queries professionally.
  • Time management is also a major factor that we focus on.
  • We avoid unnecessary delays that cause business losses.
  • Our team of experts calculate the marketing budgets and return of investments.
  • Our objectives, action plans and strengths are all noted down to build up confidence and to achieve results.
  • We always have a goal and a proper plan to achieve it.
  • We plan long term to make it cost effective
 Hospitality services

Our team is passionate enough to serve people and Organisations.

  • We are service oriented and willing to serve our customers.
  • Our staff has the right attitude and mindset.
  • Our team does learn the details of our customer’s products.
  • We keep our promise to deliver services on time.
  • Our team pass the right information at the right time.
  • Our product and services are beyond people’s expectations. 
  • Our services are compatible with services of other customers.
  • We are always transparent to the company we do business with.
  • We help customers get their freedom to choose while offering services.
  • Customers can always get access to our service team.
  • We support to do surveys to get feedbacks, that help the company to grow.


We support in hotel’s operations, including housekeeping, facilities, security, public relations, social media, food and drink service, sales and financials. We help to run the day-to-day operations of a restaurant or hotel, ensuring that the facilities are properly maintained and take steps to ensure customer satisfaction and also the upkeeping of administrative and financial records. Our team manage budgets, customer care , customer complaints and supervise maintenance. We coordinate departmental tasks, managing the inventory of food and beverage.

Hospitality Operations
Hospitality Accounts


We monitor and manage the hotel's overall budget process which includes payroll, track expenses, financial auditing and more.

  • Prepares asset, liability, and capital account entries.
  • Documents all financial transactions by entering account information.
  • Suggests financial measures by studying accounting options.
  • Payroll control
  • Preparing profit and loss accounts and the balance sheet.
  • Support in preparing budgets and business planning. 
  • Reconciling bank statements.
  • Chasing late payments, finding bad debts and taking care of the cash flow.


We Find and plan the future needs of the organization and diligently do the recruitment. The performance management is done to ensure that staff stays productive and engaged. Our HR involves in good leadership, setting of clear goals and in receiving open feedbacks. Frequent staff trainings are conducted. We bridge the gaps between today's and tomorrow's workforce. Career planning, guidance, and development for employees are also very important. Function evaluation in terms of quality, qualification, availability of staff, work time, job location and responsibility etc. are all done taken care in detail.
      We reward to show appreciation and listen to employee’s concerns and difficulties.We also create and implement health and safety regulations. We support employees at times of personal issues and when things do not go well. We also handle promotions, relocations, discipline, improvement, performance, regulations, illness and so on. Policies and procedures are developed in accordance to the customers requirements.

Hospitality Support

Better Technology

The heart of our offering is our proprietary technology-quickly adaptable, highly scalable, and uniquely easy to use for clients.

Exceptional Service

We recognize that one solution does not fit all, so we work to find what suits you the best after evaluating your needs in detail.

Expert Professionals

Prime Global Services has a team of energetic and enthusiastic logistics experts who are determined to deliver the highest quality service .